2005 Energy Act Compliance

BTI represents solutions for helping the Federal Government meet the 2005 Energy Act, which requires the reduction in electrical energy of 30% by 2016, and 7.5% renewable use by 2016. Our system solution can be located on site, thereby qualifying for the Double Bonus Credit.

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Baldwin Technologies in the News

HP Announces New 380VDC Servers

HP announces new 380VDC ServersWhat’s New? Extending the HP Common Slot Power Supply portfolio with a new 1200W 380VDC option that allows customers to integrate ProLiant servers into higher voltage DC data center infrastructures.

Baldwin Technologies is a proud member of AFCOM

AFCOMAFCOM is the leading association of data center and facilities management professionals, and is a dynamic community providing a forum for discussion, learning and problem-solving.

New partnership with SubZero Engineering for Data Center Infrastructure Management

SubZero EngineeringSubzero Engineering integrates data center containment and environmental monitoring systems to create efficient uptime through our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) service.

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Expanding Tomorrow's Power & Cooling
Technologies Today

Baldwin Technologies can help your business by being a total turnkey provider for your mission critical power protection systems.  We offer Baldwin Technologies is a GSA Contract Holder #GS-07F-0718Ncompletely integrated power solutions from network operation centers to enterprise data center facilities.

Baldwin Technologies is a GSA contract holder, #GS-07F-0718N

Our Power Protection Capabilities Include:

  • Busway power distribution systems
  • Rotary UPS
  • Static UPS
  • Harmonic Distortion mitigation for data center and VFD loads
  • Chip2Grid 380VDC UPS
  • In-row cooling
  • Cold/hot aisle containment
  • Racks, cabinets and in-rack power distribution, all with DCIM capabilities for monitoring and control

Universal Electric Corporation - Starline Overhead BuswayWe provide cost effective solutions for environmental support for today's Data Center and other mission critical loads. 

We offer products from the utility service entrance to your power distribution plug. Our Power protection products offer high reliability, energy efficiency that are designed to assure maximum "UP Time" to your critical loads.  We provide both Rotary and Static and 380VDC UPS backup, Harmonic mitigation solutions, Overhead Busway, cold/hot aisle containment, racks and cabinets and in rack power distribution.  Our DCIM products can bring all of this support data to your management's attention.


Your Source for Overhead Busway Systems

It was designed to meet the rugged specification of the UL857, Busway and Associated Fittings, with the flexible features of track lighting-and is comprised of 4 physical sizes with 11 different electrical system configurations.

Systems run from 40 Amp to 400 Amp with isolated ground. It is the simple, versatile, fast and economical solution for supplying power to electrical loads and is unique because the busway can be instantly tapped at any location, with a variety of plug in units. For complete details, please contact Mark Baldwin.

Environmental Management:
The Next Generation

New Technologies in Power and Air Conditioning are revolutionizing the way organizations are making environmental support decisions.

Baldwin Technologies, Inc. is in the vanguard of this revolution, providing comprehensive, Appropriate Cost Effective (ACE) solutions for today's highly critical loads in the Data Center, TELCO and High Tech Manufacturing Industries. BTI can assist you with on-site generation and distribution of electricity and other energy sources, capabilities that can improve your facility's critical power path. We will match the right technologies with your particular environmental support needs. View our product offerings for a description of our Environmental Support solutions. Our products offer unique engineered features that provide the highest mean-time-between failure (MTBF) hours. more

More Good News from
Baldwin Technologies, Inc.

In our continuing efforts to bring cutting edge technology products to our clients, Baldwin Technologies, Inc. has expanded it's superior line of products.

CFM Guardian Plus for Diesel GensetsBTI has contracted with Clean Fuel Management, Inc. to market the CFM Guardian Plus System. The CFM Guardian Plus for Diesel Gensets is designed and built by the Kaydon Corporation, is a new and innovative approach to remove water, bacteria, and other contaminates from large capacity diesel fuel tanks. more


Baldwin Technologies joins industry focus group formed to study DC power for data centers

Power Solutions for Data Centers and Mission Critical SystemsNew solutions are needed for the high power densities of the next generation data centers. High density computer environments, utilizing Alternating Current (AC) power supply blade server technology, are presenting major challenges to owners and operators. Typical facility infrastructures cannot accommodate the added heat loads and reliability requirements of such installations.

Servers equipped with Direct Current (DC) power supplies, instead of AC power supplies, operate with 20-40% less heat, reduce power consumption by up to 30%, increase server reliability, offer flexibility to installations and decrease maintenance requirements.  Utilizing current off-the-shelf components, it is possible to install and operate a high reliability, high voltage DC power distribution system for a DC powered server environment - without batteries or complicated AC power system drawbacks.

This High Reliability DC Power Distribution System could be the next generation power system for data centers. An industry focus group is being formed to study and demonstrate the use of DC power for data center applications. This group, sponsored by the California Energy Commission through Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, will be headed by a partnership between EPRI Solutions and ECO’s Consulting.

Companies which were represented at the initial Stakeholder meeting in early August 2005 include: Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Baldwin Technologies, Inc.,, Pentadyne Power Corp., SATCON Power Systems, Square-D, TDI, CCG Facility Integration Inc., Nextek Power Systems, and Dranetz-BMI. Other participating companies include IBM and INTEL. more