2005 Energy Act Compliance

BTI represents solutions for helping the Federal Government meet the 2005 Energy Act, which requires the reduction in electrical energy of 30% by 2016, and 7.5% renewable use by 2016.

Our system solution can be located on site, thereby qualifying for the Double Bonus Credit.

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Baldwin Technologies in the News

Baldwin Technologies was featured in Washington Construction News 2004Baldwin Technologies was featured in
2004 Washington Construction News

For over 10 years, Baldwin Technologies has been offering contractors a broad range of environmental support products for critical power loads, including Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS), backup generator sets and diesel fuel management systems.

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Mission Critical Power Protection Products

Environmental Support Products for Critical Loads

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Environmental Management- The Next Generation

New Technologies in Power and Air Conditioning are revolutionizing the way organizations are making environmental support decisions.

Baldwin Technologies, Inc. is in the vanguard of this revolution, providing comprehensive, Appropriate Cost Effective (ACE) solutions for today's highly critical loads in the Data Center, TELCO and High Tech Manufacturing Industries. BTI can assist you with on-site generation and distribution of electricity and other energy sources. Capabilities that can improve your facility's critical power path. We will match the right technologies with your particular environmental support needs. View our product offerings for a description of our Environmental Support solutions. Our products offer unique engineered features that provide the highest mean-time-between failure (MTBF) hours

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Static UPS Single, 3Phase and Accessories

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. #GS-07F-9526G Static UPS: 1 KVA single phase through 750 KVA three phase.
High performance and efficiency; low harmonics; IGBT Technology.

Mitsubishi Electioc Automation

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Diesel Gensets & Fuel Treatment Systems

CFM Guardian Plus SystemBaldwin Technologies, Inc., specializes in providing "state of the art" fuel management systems. Our systems provide a total solution for fuel management, stressing a high circulation capacity to handle larger fuel tanks. BTI has contracted with Clean Fuel Management, Inc. to market the CFM Guardian Plus System. The CFM Guardian Plus for Diesel Gensets is designed and built by the Kaydon Corporation, is a new and innovative approach to remove water, bacteria, and other contaminates from large capacity diesel fuel tanks. For more information on the CFM Guardian Plus, call us or visit Clean Fuel Management for more information.


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Overhead Busway

Universal Electric CorporationProviding a UL Listed Solution for Quick Installation of Critical Power Receptacles Available in 40 Amp, 50 Amp, 60 Amp, 100 Amp, 160 Amp and 225 Amp rated to 600 Volts 60 Amp and 100 Amp also available in compact size for limited space installations Easy install hot swappable receptacles 100 Amp Feeds with 200 Amp Neutral 48 Hour Delivery of 5, 10, 15 and 20 Foot Sections DC Rated for 24 volt and 48 volt power configurations Overhead Busway monitoring and TVSS now available Light, compact and easy to re-configure. Ideal for display lighting and power, grocery stores and business office overhead lighting.

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R & S, Hubble and NEMA Receptacles in Stock

Baldwin Technologies offers a full line of UL-Listed, Mission-Critical Power Cables.

  • All Components UL Listed & Tested
  • Hubbell Receptacles & Connectors
  • Full Russell Stoll Line
  • Premium UL Listed Liquid Tight with Integral Ground
  • Thomas & Betts Steel LT Connectors & Boxes
  • Abrasion Resistant THHN Stranded Wire
  • Feeder Cables
  • MC Cables
  • SO Cord-Drop Cables
  • Daisy Chain Cables

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